Travelling Alone

With my RV book tucked away at the publisher I have decided to visit my best friend in Toronto.  Of all the travel I have done in my life, RV across Canada, many trips to the Caribbean, flights overseas, winters in Florida, this is my first true visit to Toronto.  Whether I actually see the city is another story. The purpose of the trip is to give love and support to a grieving widow.

The last time I took a train was 53 years ago when I went to Montreal and I have long forgotten what it was like.  My return trip is by bus. It will be a longer journey than my usual bus trek of going from the suburbs to  downtown Ottawa.

Besides going on work trip ages and ages ago, believe it or not, this is the first adventurous journey I take without my husband.  Now that I am older and more cautious all this makes me a bit nervous. In this changing world, news items of attacks, terrorism, crazy people and weird accidents sits at the back of my mind. I will leave it there.

To be honest, I wish for some excitement to write about.  Find a story in the journey. If I don’t, I’m not much of a writer.


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