It’s done. Now What?

It’s done.  I sent my RV book out for review at Baico Publishing in Ottawa. It is the first step in the publishing process. Until I hear from them I don’t want to look at the manuscript.

At my computer I play games. I delete accumulated email.  I check out RV sites. What I am really doing is procrastinating.

After the year of revising and revising I feel completely lost. What do I do now?  The obvious answer is to work on my media presence.

To this end I took a course ‘ The most Valuable book marketing help you can get’ from Doris-Maria Hellmann at which was excellent.  I got overloaded with information and am ready to get going.  My big problem is how.  According to the course I need over the next year to get followers. I must at the least get,   Goggle+  2,000, Twitter 2,000, Goodread, 1000.

For some people this is easy.  I search for reader, reviewers, traveller, RV, and don’t know which to choose. I am slowly losing my mind.

I must also blog twice a week, write articles for newspapers and magazine so that my names get noticed, and twitter at least once a day.

At the moment, I have no clue on what I will blog about. Should it be about my book? What I will do next in my marketing quest?  They say don’t blog about yourself all the time. Maybe I should write on why it took 3 weeks to get our shower stall re-tiled.

I could take the easy way out and post from the Book.

For the moment, I think I’ll get myself a glass of wine. And think about it


One thought on “It’s done. Now What?

  1. Hi Louise – First, thanks for liking our blog, The Two Who Wander. We both appreciate it. Second, congratulations on your book! So exciting – and exhausting, too, I’m sure. I liked what you wrote about how to get your presence out there in the world to basically create a following before you’re even published. Sounds like great ideas, all of them, and I hope you don’t mind if we “steal” (okay, borrow) them for ourselves. Look forward to reading more in your blog – have a great day, Louise. Laura (& Bob) from The Two Who Wander


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