The RV we named Lucy

I still remember the day when I came home from work and Charlie opened the door for me all excited and pleased with himself. His announcement that he had put a deposit on a ten-year-old 24-foot long RV came as a complete shock. We had discussed buying one when we got married over 30 years ago but I thought that the dream had died long ago. We’d camped in a tent, progressed to a tent-trailer, then to a 13” trailer and now owned a cottage which kept us grounded. Obviously the lure of the open road was still in Charlie’s soul.

“I know you. You’ll love it. Wait until you see it.” He brings me to this monster of an RV, so dirty that I couldn’t tell if it was white or gray. Parked at the back of a farmer’s field I wasn’t impressed.

Charlie opened the door, I took one step in and almost tripped as I stumbled back out again. It smelled of a heavy smoking male who had lived in it with minimal washing facility for himself or his laundry. The stink was so overpowering that it almost knocked me over. What on earth was he thinking? He must be out of his mind. No way was I going back inside that thing.

Charlie opened the windows and vents, left the door wide open and coaxed me back in. With my hand over my mouth and nose I gagged as I entered again but managed to stay long enough for a good look. At first glance I hated it. At second glance it looked alright. At third glance, once scrubbed, shined and disinfected I could see its potential.

I walked out, took a deep breath, took another, turned to Charlie and smiled. Travelling across Canada in this RV would be fun. We bought it. We named her Lucy and I am forever grateful to Charlie for finding her.

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