Off to Jamaica. Leaving winter behind

I could hardly wait to get to Montego Bay in Jamaica. What I did hate was waking at 3:00am but I had little choice. Sandals Whitehouse waited for my arrival, and I had an early flight to catch.

Our plane was to leave the Macdonal-Cartier airport in Ottawa at 6:00am. When we got to the airport there was hardly anyone there. We were third in line and when we walked up to the ticket agent counter we handed him our passport and asked, “How much is an seat upgrade?”
“Fifty dollars each.”
“If you have any we’ll take them.”
“Do you want a window seat or an aisle?”
“Window please.”
The agent did his thing, handed us our passport and boarding pass and said, “That’s it folks. You can go.”
Charlie dug out his credit card.
The agent repeated very slowly, “That’s it folks. You can go.”
We walked away. It was a great beginning to our trip. The free upgrade meant more leg room, and a free breakfast and, if it hadn’t been for the early hour, we could have had free booze. We soon boarded and headed for the deicing station at 5:45 and were in the air on time.

Thank you Charlie for the Christmas present, Bose earphones. What a difference this made. With the noise reduction turned we could hardly hear the motor noise. Now I know why I always ended up with a headache when I flew. The quiet ride made the flight enjoyable.

When we arrived at the Montego Bay airport we were one of the first out of the plane. When we walked to immigration the place was practically empty. We whisked through immigration and by the time we got to the baggage pickup area our suitcases were already off the carousel and waiting to be wheeled away.

Twenty minutes after our arrival we were at the Sandals lounge. Greeted by their friendly staff we waited for other going to the Whitehouse in an air-conditioned lounge where drinks, including beer, were available. Twenty minutes later six of us boarded a van and headed for the resort. The ride would take 1 ½ hours as we headed for the south side of Jamaica.

The first leg of our journey was over. Maybe I’d get to sleep in the van.

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