12 Sidewalk Book-Signing Tips from outside Brittons

Thanks Margaret for the great advise. #book signing


Making a living wage selling books on the sidewalk outside a book store for four hours on a hot, busy Saturday is not easy but can be done with the right tools and approach.

Brittons Book Store    pPoto by Amanda D,  yelp.ca Brittons Book Store, 846 Bank Street, Ottawa. Photo by Amanda D., yelp.ca

Here’s what worked for me:

  • 1. A sandwich board with my name and title on it put outside early in the morning so people knew I was coming and slowed down when they saw I was there.
    2. Being conspicuous by wearing a red dress, and my wide-brimmed, wacky, khaki hat to keep the sun off.
    3. A table and cloth with a dozen of my books neatly displayed (one turned over to show the back cover blurb), bookmarks, business cards and my best pen — to show I was a professional signer!
    4. A stool. This was the key. Store owner Ted Britton had…

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