Accepting the role

Amanda Staley explains it so well. I too am a writer.

Amanda Staley

This post is probably closely related to my It’s a Confidence Game, being able to tell someone you are a writer takes a lot of confidence.


Accepting a new role into our already hectic life is challenging. At first calling myself a writer was like getting those stretch blue jeans out of the dryer and putting them on. They are a little snug at first and you start to wonder if those three extra pounds you put on has pushed you into the next size, and you need to buy new pants, but you realize the longer you have them on the better they fit.  Calling myself a writer, followed the same sort of pattern. At first it didn’t seem right and I felt awkward about telling people. I mean what if my work was crap? I didn’t want anyone to know. Now, I smile looking back on those…

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