My husband stole my computer

My husband stole my computer to look at old photos.  For over an hour. He enjoyed watching them so much I didn’t have the heart to take it back.  With over 6 thousand photos on my computer he could have been sitting there for another five hours.

A few years ago I spent hours transferring my photos onto my computer. What a painful operation. Not only did I have envelopes of negatives, I also had boxes of slides. This is so old school but then we are an old school couple.  When I transferred them onto a new computer I am sure they doubled up. Or tripled up. I haven’t figured out a way to sort them and spot repeat performances. Nor do I take the time to name each one. It stay as a future project. Believe me it’s iIn the far far future.

Years ago pictures were put in albums or thrown in a box.  Every now and then we’d take then out and do exactly what my husband did this afternoon.  In this digital world picture go directly onto the computer.

Years ago the cost of getting pictures developed made you think twice about the scene you would capture. In this digital world you can take a video and split each so called frame.

Years ago you stored your photo albums and boxes in the closet shelves. In this digital world you stick them in your IPhoto software and forget about them.

Years ago you’d take your newly developed pictures and show them around. In this digital world no one bothers to look at them.

How many of you have shared their travel photos with anyone besides your immediate family?

I must admit that it is so much handier to take photos in this digital world. I’m not too sure if the memories get shared.

Tomorrow, I’l let my husband steal my computer again. It’s nice to live over the memories with him.


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