RV book is back to first

It’s been a while since I posted. A year actually. I love to say that at the beginning of the year. It sounds like such a long time ago when, in reality, it isn’t.  Now that the holiday season is over I went back to serious writing.

When I left off I was in the 8th revision of the RV book where I was to do it all in third person and call the RV Lucy.

I did 3 chapters in third person and hated it.  The main reason is that I needed to give my husband Charlie equal parts in the story. Lucy broke down quite a few times. While he was with the mechanic repairing her innerts, I sat inside Lucy and kept busy. I had no clue on what they discussed and how they repaired her.

In the manuscript I identify what the problem was but I don’t go into details about it. Third person would have forced the issue. Since this all happened in 1997 Charlie doesn’t remember all that was wrong with Lucy. If I hadn’t kept a journal I wouldn’t remember either. I don’t have the patience to go to a service stations and do the research required.

This is not a book about auto mechanics. It is a book about living in an RV that gives you headaches. It is almost half about the perils of Lucy and half about getting from point A to point B.

I also had to go and let my mojo do it’s thing. I finished the 8th revision yesterday and passed the last part on to Anne. I am now taking a break from it all and will not look at it for a month. Then I will start revision 9.  I am already looking forward to it. The more I revise the better I get. Besides, I have to change back my 3 first chapter from 3rd back to 1st person.

Whenever I think of quitting I remind myself that I am doing this for Charlie. And if I am willing to put in all this effort I might as well get it published. Otherwise, I could have let him read the first transfer I wrote from my journal to a readable file.

Will  RVers be interested in reading a story about how life was before GPS, Internet, Cellphones?

I can only hope. It’s what makes me keep writing.


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