an AAAHHH, AAAHHH moment

I don’t often get an AA moment (Is this how you spell it) or is it AHH! AHH! moment? It happened when I sat with Anne, my beta reader/editor/friend to go over the suggested changes in the RV book.  She liked it but.  There is often a but. Especially from beta reader. This is good as it is the whole purpose of having beta readers.

“You mention’ RV’ a lot.  You need to refer to it as something else, vehicle, mode of transportation, truck. The story revolves a lot around the RV so it’s not like you can eliminate it.”

And then came the AAAHHH   AAAHHH moment.

The story is not only about our travel across Canada.  The story is about the RV itself.

I needed to give the RV a personality, make her real, make the reader like her, care for her, believe in her. She is the hook. And the RV named Lucy was born.

I start revision number 8 and go from first person to third person. Of course I’ve just added a few more months to the project but what difference does it make.  Since the RV trip was taken in 1997, six more months mean nothing.

Writing can be a pain in the neck but it’s so much fun.


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