Book Reading in Wakefield

The day of our book reading in Wakefield was a glorious sunny day. As we drove through the beautiful Gatineau Hills, Barbara and I wondered how many people would show up on such a day.  We were surprised that 15 came. Since this event was organized by one of Barbara’s friends introducing her was not a problem. 

Barbara went first, spoke a bit about our other two co-authors, Jan and Wendy, then read one of her hiking stories. This was followed by questions about her hikes and her stories.

I was next. Being the stranger in their midst, I introduced myself. You’d think that by now I would have this down pat. Who knows me better than me? I suddenly felt tongue-tied. What I said sounded  stupid and I was embarrassed.

I read one of my stories titled ‘Translation Please’. The story is about the changes I saw in Hungary as it progressed  from Russian occupation to an almost Americanized society. Most of all, since I don’t speak Hungarian, these visits with Charlie’s family cause me frustrations and laughter. My story hit a nerve as, in Quebec where French is the prominent language, those at the reading were mostly anglophone and could relate completely to what my story was all about.

Following the reading was a question period about how we write, why we write as well as questions about self-publishing versu going through a publishing company.

The hour flew by quickly and we had a good afternoon.  We sold 4 books, one of them to the library. Going so far for the sale of  so few books doesn’t make sense but we can’t look at it that way. Simply put, if we don’t make the effort we don’t sell.

I did learn.  Next time I will write down my bio and make it detailed. I will practise reading it so that it comes easy to me, and I will have it near enough to glance at it if need be. I will make extra copies if someone ask for one. I will bring my name cards (I made 12 using word and they look great).

Now I concentrate on the RV book. How I will market this one is in the plans. Since this one is more topic specific it will be more difficult to market. I only hope that a lot of baby boomers decide that the RV way of travel is for them. Maybe then I’ll have a chance.

Live and Learn.


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