My mojo is back

After an encouraging discussion with my writing group, my RV book is back on track. I follow the 21 steps to ‘clear my prose’ and do it chapter by chapter.  I have 1/3  done and sent that part to my editor friend. Once those revision are complete I will be ready for professional editing.

Tomorrow Barbara and I are off to Wakefield, Quebec for a book signing of ‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares”. This is the first time we do this at a library. Previously we’ve had a table at a book store and one at a book fair but this will be different. We will each have 15 minutes to read which seems a long time.  Do I read all of a story (we have 26 in the book – 6 are mine) or do I read only part of a few. This is an hour affair and I wonder what we will talk about for the last half-hour. The more I face the public the more confident I get about selling the book and myself. It is all a learning curve for when I have to do it for the RV book.

Marketing is a pain. What I want to do is stay home and work on ‘The Garage Wife’.I have to add a sub- title (Across Canada in my old RV – A road trip across Canada – RV across Canada). I am at the point where, after I wrote about 1996 when we went from Ottawa to Cape Breton – Gaspe,  – i n 1997 we finally leave Ontario, a province with much acreage . My trip started when we left our laneway. Mentally, Charlie’s trip started when we left Ontario. After 3 days on the road his trip has begun. The water backed up twice, we blew a fuse once.

I revise some more.

I have my mojo back.

I learned something about marketing – check out the following.

co-author ‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares’
from Chapters/Indigo

One thought on “My mojo is back

  1. Am happy to have stumbled on your blog — I write books about RV adventures also (fiction, in my case — the real adventures are in my blog). Have done readings and signings and wonder how your gig at the library went… Hope you’ll post soon and let us know. Any tips for the rest of us?


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