Did I find the secret to editing my own work?

I have in my hand the book  ‘Editor-Proof your Writing’ by Don McNair which changed the way I write. If only I had known about his 21 step to clear prose sooner.  After reading every word, making notes, doing his exercises, correcting my mistakes in 2 of the chapters of my RV book, I almost deleted my manuscript.

My RV book is about the trip my husband and I took in 1996. Sounds dated. It was before GPS, Internet, cell phones. Our trip, in an 1986 old GMC Apalache RV, had a few unknown problems. Driving it across Canada, first trip from Ottawa to Cape Breton and Gaspe and second trip from Ottawa to Dawson City in the Yukon had many challenges. But it was fun.

I revised the book 4 times, made changes from 2 beta readers. READ Don McNair’s BOOK. Almost threw my manuscript out. How could I? It is my obsession. My challenge. I am persistent. Besides, what else do I have to do?

I was such a terrible writer. Notice the was. I am becoming a better writer. The book by my side I follow instructions. Do correction.  As long as I insert what is in my soul in my writing this is going to be a great book.

If nothing else, my husband will love it. Thank you Don McNair for making my writing life miserable but worth the misery.


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