Step back and re-load

It has been a busy summer. I finished my RV book and it is now with a beta reader. This means that I don’t look at it until it is returned at the end of September.  I spend most of August creating a Iphoto book in celebration of 50 years of marriage (it seems like a long time but, when it is a happy marriage, time speeds by quickly). 

A word about the Iphoto book done on MacBook Air.  Mine is 89 pages and I had a problem uploading the file. You have to make sure that no keystoke hit or else the program asks to cancel or retry. I almost gave up after 5 tries at buying my book when it refused to upload my file. The answer. Stay on iPhoto and don’t let the screen go blank. It took me 3 hours to upload my file and during all that time I moved the cursor over the screen so that the computer did not blank out the screen. At the end my hand was numb and I almost finished reading a book.  Have patience. 

All this to say that I am at the moment without a definite project. I feel a bit lost. I will take the weekend to organize my thoughts and see where they lead me. Maybe I will blog about the RV book.  Maybe I will continue writing my memoir. Maybe I will return to the manuscript of when my mother died. Maybe I will convert the funeral arrangement book into Ebook format. 

Maybe I will start something completely different. Who knows.


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