Alone and loving it

This is my 3rd day of spending alone time at the cottage.  Today, a cloudy day that promises rain, I thought for sure I’d be bored, want my husband to drive up to the cottage a day early, want to phone someone, want to drop into at a neigbour’s cottage. I will do none of these things.

I have spent my time finishing the 5th revision of my RV book. I am working on a photo album to give my husband on our 50th wedding anniversary in the fall. I am writing this blog all the while listening to the galaxie jukebox oldies oldies on a tv channel. It brings me back memories of long ago and every now and then I get up and dance. 

This is the first time I have spent so much time alone. My worse problem is thinking up meals for myself. Cooking for one isn’t much fun. Maybe I will lose a few pounds. 

Around this bay at the cottage are 15 other cottages. It is the middle of summer holiday season, the weather, except for today, has been absolutely summery and yet, it has been so quiet that I feel alone in the wilderness. Not even the birds are singing. The only sound besides the words in my head is that of the wind blowing the leaves in the trees. The only company is the chipmunk begging for nuts.

As all human being do, I talk in my head. Continuously. I think of my writing, of my projects, of things that interest me, books I should read, my friend whose husband is dying of cancer, going swimming by myself.  I take long walks on the beautiful country road wondering if a bear is watching me from afar. 

And I love every minute of it. Does this mean that I am not satisfied with being with other people. Or of my life in town and all the responsibilities that come with it? Far from it.  

This is my time to take stock of where I am in life. It took a while for me to find my self and I have come from afar to this contentment with my self.

This moment is all about my self, and I am happy to report that I am a happy person. Next week my ordinary life will begin again and I will still be happy. The sun is out.


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