Relaxing time at the cottage

I am sitting alone  in the porch at the cottage. The day is sunny, my husband Charlie and I are the only ones here, no neighbours, no boats on the lake, not a soul to disturb our peace and quiet.

After last week, busy with book launch and the book fair, this is exactly what I wanted and needed. I am lucky to have this place of solitude. I well remember when I use to work, how I longed to come up on Friday to unwind.  Invariably we’d have a bit too much to drink but not enough to wake up with a hangover ruining the weekend. Fridays were special.

Now that I am retired, everyday is Friday. Except for the drinking which I do in moderation with a glass of sherry before supper and sometimes a glass of wine with supper.

Today is a good day.  I didn’t do any writing. Instead I took on the job of beta reading a manuscript written by  Barbara, my co-author buddy. One day I will have her return the favour when my RV book is ready.

Besides Barbara I am also looking to find a stranger to do beta reading, someone who doesn’t know me.Then I would like to have someone who reads for the fun of it.

I might go to an RV sales offices and ask them to read. Maybe they could refer me to someone.

I don’t expect any of these people to do editing. I want them to read and tell me what they don’t understand, what they find boring, where I need to add more details. And I can’t afford to pay them. I guess that is the clincher.

Where can I find someone out there to do the job and be honest about it. Can I trust that my friends would be honest?


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