Book Fair

Our day at the book fair was disappointing.  We sold one book.  On a beautiful sunny Saturday I wondered if it was worth it. The good part of the day was that I meet a few other authors and I got great info on marketing from a member of the Ottawa Independent Writer. I am a new member to OIW.

It was great that Jan was there as we took turns at the table. Great for pee breaks! We did learn a lot.  Next time I will bring a nice blue tablecloth that will match the colour of our book cover,We shared the table with another author who had put a white tablecloth so at least were looked a little dressed up. Goodies attract customers so next time I will fill a bowl with mints. We also had the a 9×13 framed picture of the book cover next to the books. The one thing we do need are bookmarks and personal business cards.

The gals met on Monday do check our finances and we have paid all of our publishing bill. We had ordered 135 books and still had 30 to sell.  With hopes of getting some in book stores, and each needing a stack for personnel sales, we ordered 100 more.  It might take us years to sell them but at least they will be on hand.

I still am uncomfortable with the selling part. of it all and I’d better get use to it because that is all that is left to do about this book.  They say write a blog (TaDa), get on Facebook, (I will have to research this to make it exclusive for the book), get an url (do I do it for me or for the book and us four authors), go on twitter (TaDa), and do the author central on Amazon (it’s in my name).  All seems so little.

I came back from shopping the other day and my husband had sold a book to someone in the condo.  Does that mean the word is spreading through the condo building that the book is great?  It surprises me that I am getting so little feedback from all the people who are reading the book. Only three people (our of the 15) have finished reading it and liked it.  Hope this doesn’t mean that the others don’t. I shouldn’t worry.  After all, they did buy it. And that is what all this marketing is about.

What we need is patience.  In the meantime, I’ll write my RV book.


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