Condo book launch (or is it a signing)

I had another successful book launch at the condo.  I estimate that 20 residents showed up, and we sold 13 books. Since I was hosting I was the ‘master of ceremony’.  My spiel went fine, I read for Wendy who is in the Azores, then let Barbara do her thing, followed by Jan, and I was last.  It lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. Since we read 2 pages each (timed at 2 minutes) no one got bored.

I had asked one of my friends to take care of the money part but as it turned out I was the one handling this. It would have been better not to as when they paid they also wanted me to autograph. This held up the line, not that it seemed to matter in this small group.

I have lived in this building for 13 years and know 85% of the people. To have a resident that I didn’t know attend made me feel great. To have the lady who lives in the million dollars penthouse inquire of my husband how the book launch went also made me feel great.

This time I thought of bringing down 4 pens. Since the book is an anthology written by 4 women, it was unfortunate that Wendy was not there to autograph the book. Should we have had her sign books before she left for the Azores?  If we can’t all be together should we have pre-autograph copies for book signings ? Does it make sense for only one of us to do a book signing? Do people care? This time I signed with a ‘Thank you and Enjoy’. And paid attention to my scribbling.  Live and learn.

It also made me aware that what really matters isn’t the amount of books sold, but the knowledge that, if all residents in the 116 units in the condo looked at the poster, they know about the book and maybe in the future (Christmas would be a good time) they will buy it.

Next outing is the book fair on Saturday. Cottage life looks better and better as the days go by.


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