Book Launch Weekend

I apologize for not posting lately.  Getting the launch organized is quite a chore.  Besides that, my computer acted up so much that I went out and bought myself an Apple computer.  What a change of operating systems.  Thank goodness they give courses walking distance from my place.

When my old computer almost died, (windows kept stopping then re-booting itself), it was time to change. I am writing this on the old computer since my son-in-law took mine to add microsoft word to the Mac.  I always find it scary going from one computer to the other. In the process I clean out some of my files and often worry that I will miss transferring one of them.

Tomorow is launch day.  We have the wine, the sandwiches are being made today, the salami and olives are bought, tomorrow I get the smoked salmon ready.  It will be interesting to see how many people will show up.  We expect between 40 – 60.  Few of them will be my acquaintances.  On Wednesday is another launch this time in my condo building. At that time there will be between 15-30.  My speech needs to be finalizedbut I will wait until after our Sunday party to do so.

I am nervous about all of this.  It takes me out of my comfort zone big time.  I have to get over this shyness and find the confidence to engage others in conversations. I will have no problem at the condo bash since I know everyone.

Then next Saturday we have half a table at the Small Press Book Fair here in Ottawa.  Another new experience. I will be happy when the week is over.  After that, who knows what we will do for marketing.

It is nice to get involved in my next book, writing about our RV trip across Canada.  I am on the 3rd revision, and this one excites me even more than ‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares.’


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