Posters are up

I pinned, on the condo bulletin board, the posters announcing the book launch party on June 12th, for ‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares’   held in the building .   Being the recreational director, the  instructor for the aqua exercise classes and organizer of the ladies luncheons, people here know me.

Yet, the whole thing makes me nervous. I am pleased that I will be with the co-authors, Barbara and Jan. Still, it is my party and up to me to do and say the promotional stuff.

What do I say? What do they expect? How many of them will show up? Will I make an utter fool of myself?

I wish I had a clue on how many are interested in coming. In the elevator, someone I barely know, only because she moved in a few months ago and she works during the day, told me that she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be there.  Besides the aqua ladies, we will either be very few people or a large crowd.  I’d better make a large cake.

I must be obsessed. I look forward to six months from now when all this newness will have died down and I’ll have more of a clue about what I’m doing.

I’d better get working on my ‘presentation’.


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