Now we prepare for the marketing

It finally happened. I have the book in hand. Barbara, Wendy, Jan and I met yesterday for a ‘how the hell do we market this book’ meeting.  The book launch party will be held at Jan’s place. Barbara expects to invite about 50 people, Jan probably just as many if not more. Wendy and I scratch our head and ask ourselves, “Which of our friends would want to come?”

Only a few people know that I write, When I tell them about the book they are in shock and in awe. If only they knew that I have been trying and trying, learning and learning for the past 15-20 years.

in order to do my marketing bit I pronounce this my blog book launch.

The book ‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares, Four Women Explore the World’ is availble from Chapters/indigo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and soon to be out as an Ebook.


Come and travel with Barbara to a museum worhty of london or Paris but found in Timbuktu. Or explore with Jan as she teaches you how to jump off a boat and land on Inishmaan, one of the Aran Islands, when the surge drops the ship 15 feet. Tag along with Louise as she feels the walls of the rhyolite tuff, or “kneeling nun tuff,” as it is commonly called,in the wine cellars of Eger in Hungary. Follow Wendy who, desperate for a newspaper, defies a security alert and drives out the Jalalabad road in Kabul to pick up the British Saturday edition of the Times.

We—Barbara, Jan and Louise—met a few years ago at a travel-writing workshop. To keep moving forward with what we had learned in the course, we organized our own travel-writing group for encouragement and critique. Wendy took a chance on us and joined the group. In a moment of madness we agreed we would work toward publishing the stories we were working on. Travel Dreams and Nightmares is the result.

Each author’s passions are reflected in the stories. Barbara loves to hike; Jan adores the sea; Louise enjoys easy travels, wine and good food and Wendy is the world traveller. The idea of creating a travel book came easily.

On roads less traveled to out-of-the way places, the stories are filled with our adventures and mishaps, frustrations and delight and are as diverse, entertaining and enlightening as the countries travelled to. Together, with visits to more than 55 different cities in more than 20 countries, we have compiled 26 of our favourite travel stories. We invite you to join us as we explore the world.



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