‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares – Four Women Explore

‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares – Four Women Explore the World'</p><p>Seeing the book for sale online from Chapters, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles felt like the period to the sentence, ‘I am a writer.’ Although it is an anthology, short stories written by three acquaintances who are now friends and me, I feel that it is my book.

It takes such a long time to learn this craft. They say, write every day, and this is so true. You need to be persistent, and not get discouraged. My first short stories were so bad that my husband refused to edit them. It’s a wonder I didn’t quick at there and then.

I write because I have to. I am not what you would call a talker. When I have an opinion, in the short distance the thought goes from my brain to my mouth, they often get jumbled. When they go from my brain to my fingertips it doesn’t matter that they get jumbled.

My best work comes from the revisions which I will do a minimum of four times. Each time I relax a little more than on the previous pass. Each time I reach the feelings and write words at a deeper level.

Now, when my husband edits my writing and is left with laughter or tears I know I’ve got it right.


One thought on “‘Travel Dreams and Nightmares – Four Women Explore

  1. My thoughts often get jumbled, too. I find writing to be a more efficient way of communication. Otherwise I trip over my words and nothing comes out right. And revisions! It takes at least three passes before I even start to feel more relaxed. :-p


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