I checked out other blog and find mine

I checked out other blog and find mine so (unattractive). I have a lot to learn but learning is all part of the fun. Just as writing is. Day after day after day. My Dad wrote a few books, left a few unfinished manuscripts. When he died I claimed them for myself and stored them in a box in the back of a closet. I did not know what to do with them and after a while I passed them on to my sister. He wrote in an age when everything was a hard copy, not like today when all in hidden in computer folders.

I look at my files, some of them published, most of them not and wonder what will become of them when I die. I am lucky that my first book, an anthology written with 3 other gals, is presently being printed. But what about all those hidden files in my computer. Will anyone in my family ever read them. And when and if they do, will they press the delete button.The real question is what happens to all my writing when I die.  Do I care? Should I care?


2 thoughts on “I checked out other blog and find mine

  1. I have taken a few painting classes recently, then “met” the partner of an artist who passed away. All that gorgeous work sitting around, and she is trying to find a home for it. Gave me pause about painting too much. Think of it this way, computer files are much easier to store (or trash).


  2. That’s a very good question, and I say definitely, YES! It’s awesome that you have an anthology in the works. That can be your springboard for the rest of your work. Get it out there and have fun with it!


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